Vbarre workshops allow you to focus and refine your education. Developed by Vbarre Creator Veronica Combs, our workshops help you sharpen your teaching toolkit, learn how to manage special cases, and provide choreography updates to keep your Vbarre classes fresh. Workshops are available in person at our host training centers and online on Leaders in Fitness. New workshops are added regularly, so check back often!

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Creative Choreography - Interval Training

  • Learn how to infuse intervals into your Vbarre® format to amp up the calorie burn. This workshop will take you through the Vbarre® class format and show you where to add intervals effectively to keep your class exciting!

Fit and Functional in 55 Minutes - the Vbarre Workout

  • Experience the functionality of this popular "barre" workout and learn how general movement patterns such as squats and lunges are paired with pliés for optimal results. The workshop will also include an exercise breakdown in relation to building strength, stability, and stamina with specific Vbarre movements.

How to Create a Vbarre® Basics Class

  • Learn how to safely introduce the Vbarre® workout to the novice student. Using a barre, band, ball, weights, glide board and mat make Vbarre® unique and fun, but these tools can also make it tricky for the new client. Keep the integrity of Vbarre®'s signature principles of dynamic movement in a flowing format, with a Basics Class to keep the workout safe and effective for the beginner.

How to Format an 6-Week Vbarre® Workout Progression

  • This workshop outlines a progression of the Vbarre® workout with the original choreography in an 6-week session. We will take a look at progressing the exercises from week to week as well as focusing on a particular theme for each class that will add variety and build upon a foundation.

Sharpen Your Teaching Toolkit - Cueing

  • This workshop focuses on the Art of Teaching with an in depth look at how to effectively cue, spot and correct your Vbarre® clients. Learn strategies to take you from a good teacher to a great instructor!

Sharpen Your Teaching Toolkit - Rhythm and Variations

  • One simple way to make your class different is to change the rhythm and tempos of the exercises. This workshop will show how to use these excellent tools without needing to add or change choreography.

Special Case Strategies - Knee Issues

  • Plies, lunges, squats, and gliding motions are all major movements in Vbarre®. This workshop will outline some general guidelines and provide helpful modifications to follow that will allow clients with knee issues to participate safely in your class.

Trim, Tone, and Transform with Vbarre’s Dynamic Training Principle

  • Learn how targeting multiple muscle groups with one exercise is not only efficient, but also yields real results. Dynamic Training involves the whole body and builds Strength, Stability, and Stamina. Experience the total body benefits of targeting multiple muscle groups with one exercise. The lecture will also include an exercise breakdown in relation to building strength, stability, and stamina with specific Vbarre movements.

Vbarre Progressions

  • Our goal as Vbarre instructors should be to progress our clients by helping them reach their fitness goals. In order to develop and advance, we as instructors must first learn some tools that will assist in achieving the end result. True change comes not from new choreography, but from a deeper understanding of the Vbarre Methodology, and the natural progressions present in the technique. In this workshop, we will breakdown and review the Vbarre progressions that are designed within the standard format as well as explore ideas to help you create new programming for your classes.

Vbarre Creative Choreography- Mat and Band Blast

  • In this workshop, we will explore creative ways to utilize the resistance band to build in additional options for the mat section of the Vbarre workout. These exercises were adapted from the various Pilates apparatus such as the Reformer and Tower. We will take a look at each exercise individually to break down the technique and at the end we will put it all together as a full workout.

Vbarre® BLEND Visual Training

  • Vbarre® BLEND is based on fluid shifts between Vbarre® and Pilates mat exercises, resulting in a balanced workout.

Vbarre® BOOTCAMP Visual Training

  • Vbarre® BOOTCAMP Visual TrainingVbarre® BOOTCAMP is a dance inspired workout that fuses ballet, Pilates, and resistance training.